Sports Injury

Injuries sustained while engaging in sporting activity. These could be in the form of impact or tissue overload – resulting in hematoma, strains and sprains respectively (pulls and tears of muscle, tendon or ligament).

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Chronic & Recurring Pain

Recurring sports injury, repetitive strain injuries from sitting at a desk all day. From upper, middle to lower back pain to carpal tunnel or thoracic outlet syndromes, countless variations of chronic inflammation (tendinitis – golfers / tennis elbow, bursitis, periostitis –shin splint, etc, etc) tension headaches.

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Non-Sporting Injury

These are injuries sustained while performing routine daily activity such as bending over to pick up a child or a moving box. There are also the twisting and turning in any single direction that can overload soft tissue.

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Stress & Relaxation

Stress is caused by a lot of factors in modern life. Some physical and physiological and others outside of our bodies and our control. Massage helps relaxation by inducing the release of endorphins or tempering neuromuscular activity where necessary.

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Event Preparation

Event preparation whether amateur and for leisure purposes or professional is strenuous and seeks to push your body beyond it’s physical boundaries. This results in a cycle of tissue tear and repair to build strength.

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Pregnancy & Post-Natal

Pregnancy massage provides relaxation and tension relief as well as relief from the common physical ailments of pregnancy, as a result of the demands it places on a womans’s body.

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Using well researched and documented soft tissue manipulation techniques - to deliver both on what my clients want and what they need.

"To Wimbledon Therapy Rooms,
You should be made aware, if you are not already, that you have arguably the best sports injury therapist, Jambaal, in your clinic. She cured in two sessions what my physio couldn't even make a difference with in over ten. Two weeks ago my back was so bad I couldn't put my shoes on, and could barely get out of bed or open a door. I am now going to the gym and doing weights, cardio, everything. I'm delighted to have found her."
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