Sports Massage

Sports massage is deep tissue massage aimed at helping people recover from sporting activity and enhance performance.

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Medical Acupuncture

This is treatment using traditional acupuncture needles to address trigger points in muscle and fascia. It can be used

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Spinal Manipulation

This is a mechanical intervention used on joints in the spine where a force is applied by the therapist to improve articulation

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  • To Wimbledon Therapy Rooms - You should be made aware, if you are not already, that you have arguably the best sports injury therapist, Jambaal, in your clinic. She cured in two sessions what my physio couldn't even make a difference with in over ten. Two weeks ago my back was so bad I couldn't put my shoes on, and could barely get out of bed or open a door. I am now going to the gym and doing weights, cardio, everything. I'm delighted to have found her."Nick Bowman - Finance Trader

  • As a sufferer of back pain that has plagued me for over a year, I have seen a number of different therapists. Some of them worked, but always only for a while. I have been seeing Jambaal for over three months and after the first few treatments, I started noticing a marked difference and continued improvement. She pointed out a misalignment in my pelvis that we have continued to work on. With prescribed ongoing exercises and stretches, I am now mostly pain free. I was also very impressed with her individual approach to treatment and her involvement of the clientChris R. (45) – Accountant, Recreational Cyclist

  • Being sports active but older (50s) meant that I have a specific set of muscular problems as well as an impending spinal operation. Jambaal has a very knowledgeable and intuitive way of dealing with those and always leaves me feeling relaxed. I am suprised at the way she knows immediately what muscle group to target. Highly recommended.Ian Smith – Surveyor, 3rd Dan Taekwondo