The Therapist


I got interested in soft tissue therapy (sports and remedial massage) after watching a loved one suffer debilitating chronic lower back pain. Despite trying all types of therapies and medical intervention, this was the only therapy that offered sustained relief. I found it’s core concepts interesting and benefitted myself after minor sporting injuries. I decided to take an introductory course in my spare time. A week later I had signed up to a year long sports and remedial massage course and developed an intense fascination with the human body and the biomechanics of pain.

Five years on, it’s my full time job. Every week I see something new, making one mode of intervention not quite enough. This has pushed me to expand my tools of trade to medical acupuncture, spinal manipulation and soon, pilates. Not only do I seek to have my client’s walk out better than when they come in, I also want to make them aware of the reasons for their discomfort and little changes they can make to reduce the risk of injury. This could be anything from common training errors (bad form) to how to carry your child or even sit at your desk. My clients therefore range from professional sports people (rugby, football, athletics, ballet, etc) to the average stay at home mum or office worker with a sporting habit.