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Partaking in sport is excellent for health and physical wellbeing, but there are times when injury can strike, whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur enthusiast or simply trying to keep fit. There are a vast multitude of injuries that can occur as a result of sports, and they may occur either due to physical contact or generally overworking a body part to the point where wear and tear sets in. Some sporting injuries are more common than others, but they can be helped and treated with the proper application of a sports massage at a specialist sports injury clinic such as ours.

Many sports injuries occur due to exertion and the overworking of muscles. There are a huge number of injuries related to this, from hamstring and Achilles injuries to inflamed joints and damage to ligaments in areas such as the knees. Muscles may be sprained due to over-stretching or sudden impact and tendons may be damaged or sprained with sudden movements. Sudden movements or stopping may also tear ligaments, especially in the knee. Damage can also occur to the cartilage, such as in the knees, as well the discs within the back. One particular problem of this is a slipped disc, caused by sudden, awkward movements. Some problems may also develop other time rather than being a sudden injury, such as runners knee and tennis elbow.

The risk of injuries may be prevented either by proper warm-ups, or through the usage of proper protection. However, if injuries occur, then treatment is needed to restore the athlete back to a condition where they can safely compete in sports once again. One of the treatments which can help supplement active recovery is a sports massage. At our sports injury clinic, we are equipped with everything needed to apply these massages. Our highly trained therapist, Jambaal, can deliver a sports massage to help adjust biomechanical imbalances within the body which may be present due to or exacerbating an existing injury. Sports massage can also be used to help you prepare for a big event.

It is important to address both the symptom and the cause of the injury to allow recovery to be thorough. As long as the injury is fully treated, then it will allow the athlete to continue without risk of exacerbating the injury or causing it to occur shortly after starting sports again. With our expert help, we can ensure that the injury is treated as thoroughly as possible and that all causes and symptoms are addressed, allowing for a complete recovery. Whether you are experiencing a sports injury or back pain in South West London, get in touch and find out how we can help.


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