Is sports massage the right choice for me?

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Sports massage and deep tissue massage is all about helping muscles to recover and remain free from injury for longer. It can be used to treat sporting injuries, conditions related to age or those stemming from an accident. Therapies help improve relaxation and can even boost flexibility. With regular sessions you can keep your body in peak physical condition and ready to deliver the best performance you are capable of.

Deep tissue massage is known to be amongst the best ways to recover from intense training sessions or competition. Many people think the best performances come from spending time in the gym and practising, but the way you look after yourself before and after sessions is equally important. Warming up is essential and cooling down afterwards helps your muscles to recover and stay free of injury.

The price of massages varies depending on the severity of your condition, the length of time you need per session and the clinic you visit. Treatments can really help to lessen your recovery time and keep you in optimum condition. In these cases shorter sessions are probably the best; longer ones are more focused on helping people to rehabilitate from an injury. The length of session and amount you need will be determined on your first visit after a diagnosis. Feedback from sessions is important because it helps you to keep the therapist informed of how you respond to treatment.

Sports massage can deliver great value for money especially if it helps you to overcome an injury, improve your performance and enhance your quality of life. We operates from three clinics including Kingston upon Thames in the South West of London. If you are experiencing back pain in Central London or want help to recover from an injury or prepare for an event, we can help you. Prices start at £30 for a 30 minute session but we can also offer hour and 90 minutes for more severe conditions. Our fees are competitive and give you the chance to get professional treatment at great rates. We are flexible in terms of appointments and make sure every patient is comfortable with every session.


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