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More and more people these days are taking control of their health and improving their physical conditions. We regularly see an increasing number of people joining gyms, purchasing equipment to work out at home, and utilising many other ways of achieving better levels of fitness. However you choose to exercise, you can always benefit from the support of professionals who can advise you on the best ways to achieve the finest results and avoid injury.

Many people like to take part in half and full marathons along with other organised sporting events. Not only do you afford yourself the opportunity to become fit and active and improve your health overall, but by sponsorship you are also able to raise money for worthy charities. It matters not if you are an amateur or a professional athlete: you must prepare for a rigorous and demanding physical event in order to afford yourself the finest chances of success. People have been met with disappointment when pain or injury presents itself and cuts short their participation in the event. This can be avoided when appropriate training and preparation is put in place.

When you train intensely you effectively put your body through its paces and push it beyond its physical capabilities. This unfortunately results in a cycle of tissue tear and repair. If you begin from a relatively healthy baseline and focus on nutrition, pre/post routines and stick to a well placed training schedule, then you are much more likely to complete your event training and the actual event with minimal maintenance and no physical problems.

We provide the beneficial sports massage in Central London that can help with potential soft tissue problems. It may be the case that the issues are biomechanical and neuromuscular and if this is so remedial massage is the ideal way to address the problems before they begin to have restrictive effects on your training. We will support you with every aspect of your preparation. We will advise you on the best running shoes for your support requirements along with making sure you adopt good posture while you train and learn effective stretching techniques.

Our entire range of therapies represents the effective sports massage Central London clients can depend on for optimal fitness and recovery. We utilise soft tissue manipulation techniques that are designed to deliver nothing but the most outstanding results. Entrust your event training to the experts and we will strive to have you fighting fit and successfully crossing that finishing line. Whether you’re a professional or amateur athelete, or are simply in search of relief for your back pain in Kingston Upon Thames, we can help.


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