Sports Injuries

Injuries sustained while engaging in sporting activity. These could be in the form of impact or tissue overload – resulting in hematoma, strains and sprains (pulls and tears of muscle, tendon or ligament respectively). Read More

Event Preparation

Event preparation – whether amateur or professional – is strenuous and seeks to push your body beyond it’s physical boundaries. Read More

Non-Sports Injury

These are injuries sustained while performing routine daily activity such as bending over to pick up a child or a moving box. There are also the twisting and turning in Read More

Chronic & Recurring Pain

These range from lower back pain to repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, countless variations of chronic inflammation (tendinitis – golfers / tennis elbow, bursitis, periostitis) and tension headaches. Read More

Stress & Tension

Massage helps relaxation by inducing the release of endorphins. Stress is caused by a lot of factors in modern life. Some physical and physiological and others outside of our bodies and our control. Read More

Pregnancy & Post Natal

Pregnancy massage provides relaxation and tension relief as well as relief from the common physical ailments of pregnancy, as a result of the demands it places on a womans’s body. Read More